Christian Leadership Program (CLP)

The Christian Leadership Program (CLP) is a four-year scholarship program that provides theological and spiritual formation for students to help them develop their gifts and talents as leaders in the Church and in the world. CLP was founded by Rev. James J. Bacik and has been recognized by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for excellence in developing leaders for the future. For more information about this program, contact the Parish Secretary Becky Fournier by email ( or phone 419.531.4992.

Application Procedure

Completed applications for the 2020-2021 academic year must be returned to the Corpus Christi parish office by September 4, 2020 at 5 p.m. Any questions can be directed to Becky Fournier ( or 419.531.4992.

The 2020 Application will be available in May of 2020!

Before you begin, please note that 3 additional items are needed for submission along with the online application form:

  1. A one-page typed essay that explains your reasons for wanting to participate in the program, while also reflecting on your past experiences of 1) leadership, 2) service, and 3) spiritual growth (parish involvement, retreats, etc.). Applicants may also note their financial situation if they wish. **This essay MUST be uploaded to the Google application form where indicated.
  2. A letter of recommendation is required from a pastor (or other pastoral leader, such as, a youth minister, high school chaplain, retreat team leader, etc.) who can attest to your commitment to the Catholic tradition, involvement in a parish community, as well as potential for leadership.
  3. A letter of recommendation is required from a teacher or academic counselor who can attest to your potential to successfully complete college-level coursework.

You may choose 1 of 4 options to submit the letters of recommendation:

  1. Download the recommendation forms here, give them to your recommenders, and then scan and upload the completed forms to the Google application form. *Note, this option requires you to have both letters completed and in your possession before you begin filling out the online Google Application form.
    • Pastor Recommendation Form (Word doc) Pastor_Recommendation_CLP
    • Academic Recommendation Form (Word doc) Academic_Recommendation_CLP
  2. Send separate electronic Google recommendation forms links to those who you want to recommend you, and have them fill them out and submit online:
    ***Pastoral online form
    ***Academic online form
  3. Send paper copies (download above) of the recommendation forms to those who will be recommending you and turn those forms into us yourself.
  4. Send paper copies of the recommendation forms to those who will be recommending you and have those recommending you mail them back to us directly. (Mail to: Corpus Christi University Parish \ 2955 Dorr Street \ Toledo, OH 43607)

Please Note: We will likely follow up with your recommendations to verify their authenticity and to further inquire about you as a CLP candidate.

All three items ( your essay, 1 letter of recommendation from a pastor or church leader, and 1 letter of recommendation from a teacher or academic counselor) must have been received by our parish office by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 4, 2020.




CLP participants receive $1,000 their first three years and $2,000 for the fourth year. The money is distributed through the University of Toledo (UT) Office of Student Financial Aid, and is available even if a student already has other scholarships. Scholarship money is given at the end of the semester after all required work is completed. No money is given for co-op semesters away from campus or for fifth year students.


Corpus Christi University Parish (CCUP), the Catholic community serving the University of Toledo, sponsors the program.


CLP exists to prepare leaders for the church and society who are theologically grounded, spiritually motivated, and religiously committed to their Catholic tradition. As dynamic young leaders they will be able to bring Christian principles to their families and jobs.


Any full-time freshman student attending UT, who is a practicing Catholic and is willing and able to meet the requirements, can apply to participate in CLP.