Sermons in “Lent”


Being Open to Something New

Father Philip Smith: God’s inviting us on a new adventure. We’re reminded to step outside of our comfort zone to serve and to love and to pray in new ways.

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Truly Transforming our Lives this Lent

Monsignor Michael Billian: Even when you and I, like the son in the story, wander off, the Lord keeps his eye on us, waiting for us again to exercise our free will and to come back to him.

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Counting our Blessings from God

Father Philip Smith: One very simple practical lesson we can learn from this journey is the importance of gratitude. The importance of not taking for granted the blessings God has given to us.

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Gaining Perspective during Lent

Monsignor Michael Billian: We do this hard work during Lent so that we may encounter more fully the resurrected Jesus.

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Accepting God’s Free Gift of Love in Sin City

Father Philip Smith: When we take time to embrace the free gift of God’s love, we’re able to overcome any temptation we may experience in our lives.

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Ash Wednesday: Sinners with a Savior

Father Philip Smith: What we do here this evening is the exact opposite as we literally rub dirt on our foreheads, as we rub ashes on our foreheads as a symbol of the fact that we don’t have everything together, that we’re not perfect.

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