Sermons on “Generosity”


Christ the King: Being Part of the Solution

Monsignor Michael Billian: What does the celebration of Christ the King mean? It really means everything. It means that there is a solution to the problems of the world. The feast calls us to be a part of the solution.

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Seeing the World as God Does

Father Jeremy Miller: When we stop trying to fashion God in our own image and try to start to fashioning ourselves in the image of God, that’s the decisive moment of mature faith.

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Ascension: Telling the World that Jesus Lives

Monsignor Michael Billian: The Solemnity of the Ascension is a call for us to tell the world that Jesus is still with us.

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Living Abundantly

Father Philip Smith: The abundant living that Jesus is inviting us to today is a life in which we sometimes let go of our plans because they were indeed too easy and embrace God’s plans and the tasks that God has entrusted to us to complete in the world today, even when we don’t feel strong enough to complete them.

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Exercising our Spiritual Hearts

Monsignor Michael Billian: Just as the heart muscle benefits from exercise so our spiritual hearts benefit from the Lenten observances and practices.

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Wrapping our Persistence in Charity

Monsignor Michael Billian: We have permission from God to do just that. He told us today: Seek, Ask, Knock. He didn’t say to avoid those things, he told us directly that’s what we have to do. But I think it’s important though to wrap our persistence in charity. Then it is received to the heart from the heart.

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Year of Mercy: Comfort the Sorrowful

Father Philip Smith: Our job is to just be there with people as a sign of hope, as a glimpse of the light that God can bring in those moments.

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Holy Thursday: Letting Jesus Wash Our Feet

Father Philip Smith: The image today of Jesus bending down, washing the dirty feet of his disciples, reminds us that God chooses us to be worthy of his love, to experience his love.

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Rushing to Bring Joy to the World

Father Philip Smith: Many of us will have lots to do this week, but it’s important that we follow Mary’s example and keep an eye out for other people who may be in need and rush to help them when we are able.

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Choosing to be Generous, not Bitter

Father Philip Smith: The only way we can transform this world is by doing good, giving of ourselves, making sacrifices, being generous even in the face of injustice, even in the face of being harshly treated by others.

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