Sermons on “Love”


Resolving Problems in a Spirit of Love

Father Jeremy Miller: If someone hurts you, you go to that person and that person alone, Jesus says, and in a spirit of love, in which you want the best for them, you offer correction.

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Being True Disciples of Christ

Monsignor Michael Billian: Being a place of refuge for those who need comfort need not be as risky as it sounds. It does not necessarily call us to open up our homes, but it asks us to open our hearts.

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Fr. Jeremy’s First Homily: Making God a First Priority

Father Jeremy Miller: The message of Jesus today is that nothing can take the place of our relationship with God.

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Fr. Phil’s Last Homily: On God’s Journey

Father Philip Smith: As I reflect on the past five years, I’m just filled with gratitude to be part of this community. The goal of what I’ve tried to do is simply rooted in what we do here: To help our students know that Jesus is with them on the journey.

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We are Precious in the Lord

Monsignor Michael Billian: We are called precious in the eyes of the Lord. We’re invaluable, cherished, highly esteemed. We are loved.

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Living Abundantly

Father Philip Smith: The abundant living that Jesus is inviting us to today is a life in which we sometimes let go of our plans because they were indeed too easy and embrace God’s plans and the tasks that God has entrusted to us to complete in the world today, even when we don’t feel strong enough to complete them.

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A Truly Good Friday

Monsignor Michael Billian: Good Friday is good. It is a day of solemn remembrance, not a day of mourning and sadness.

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Exercising our Spiritual Hearts

Monsignor Michael Billian: Just as the heart muscle benefits from exercise so our spiritual hearts benefit from the Lenten observances and practices.

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The Pressure to be Perfect

Father Philip Smith: Jesus is inviting us to show perfect love in the midst of imperfect life situations.

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Jesus, Hair Dye and the Christian Life

Father Philip Smith: Over time and with some patience, God can completely transform the way we act, the way we live in the world.

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