Happenings this Summer

Though the summer pace is slower at Corpus Christi due to many students being gone, there are still a number of activities and events that our staff and students participate in:

  • The CSA core board, with Kim and I, led a retreat/planning overnight in Port Clinton for our newly elected members of Newman board.
  • Kim and our students have been hard at work staffing the over 20 Rocket Launches, which are the orientation days for the incoming freshman or transfer students. We provide at our booth information on CCUP and CSA and already have received contact emails from over 100 students. Thanks to Kim and our students for their dedicated work!
  • I have sent out around 150 letters to incoming freshmen whose contact information we have received at Rocket Launches and through other resources.
  • Dr. Sharon Gaber, the president of the University of Toledo, visited Corpus Christi on June 28th with her chief of staff Matt Schroeder. They were here for over an hour and were very interested and supportive of the services we provide for students.
  • Kim and I met with a number of other University of Toledo staff and administration for introductions and promotion of our services at Corpus Christi
  • Permanent community members, under the leadership of Mike Cunningham, served dinner on Thursday, July 12th to the UT football team, which started with a talk and prayer I offered for the team on the field.
  • Kim and 5 students helped with a spring clean-up at Helping Hands of St. Louis (pictured above).
  • Myself and 10 students helped with a spring clean-up at the Visitation Monastery.
  • About 25 students participating in Bible studies and book studies at CCUP.
  • Two students are in the Philippines on a FOCUS mission trip

As you can see, the pace slows down, but we try to keep busy. It’s the only way I stay out of trouble! We know that in a month, the quiet and the slower pace will be gone!

Fr. Jeremy

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