Sermons on “John”


The True Gift of Hope

Monsignor Michael Billian: That true gift of hope keeps us from discouragement. It sustains us in times when we feel abandoned. It opens our hearts. And it actually preserves us from being selfish.

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‘Lord, help me to want what you want’

Father Philip Smith: There’s an incredible freedom from giving our lives into God’s hands and allowing God to lead us on a journey into an uncertain and unknown future.

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Most Holy Trinity: Taking Time to Play in God’s Creation

Father Philip Smith: We as Christians believe in a God who plays and created a world for us to enjoy, to celebrate and to play in ourselves.

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Pentecost: Exercising the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Monsignor Michael Billian: The more that we exercise and use those gifts in connection with one another, the stronger impact that those gifts can have on the world.

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The Holy Spirit will Inspire Us

Father Philip Smith: Jesus says we’ll have that advocate by our side to help us navigate the messy and intensive situations of our own lives. When we don’t know what to say or what we’re supposed to do, the Holy Spirit will inspire us.

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Homily April 3, 2016

From Sinner to Saint

Monsignor Michael Billian: We‘re third. God first, others second. A good priority for us to think about as we cross the bridge from sinner to saint.

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Whose voice are we listening to?

Father Philip Smith: In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus said he was the Good Shepherd. He said he knows his sheep. He knows us. And he said, “They listen to my voice and follow me.” Do we know what the voice of Jesus sounds like?

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Year of Mercy: Instruct the Ignorant

Father Philip Smith: Simon Peter took a different approach today. He doesn’t impose his beliefs, he proposes them. He welcomes and invites people to learn more about Jesus, but leaves it up to their own freedom and their own free choice to decide whether they follow or not. That’s the model we’re invited to follow.

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Homily April 3, 2016

The Kindergarten Class of Jesus

Monsignor Michael Billian: Jesus picked 12 to start with and they were very different. Our Lord took them and molded them into disciples. He taught them to bury their differences and work together.

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Good Friday: Choosing to Help and Serve

Father Philip Smith: If we were there on Good Friday, would we have stepped up like Joseph and Nicodemus to care for Jesus’ body? It had been bruised and was hanging lifeless on the cross. Would we have worried what other people would think of us for wasting our time on such thankless work?

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