Sermons on “Luke”


Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

Monsignor Michael Billian: We all have pasts. We all have things that have gone on behind us and if we only stay focused turning around, looking to what was left, we’ll never get to where we need to go.

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From Righteous Anger to Courageous Action

Father Philip Smith: In our own lives, when we take time to pray, we gain the inspiration we need to do something to change the way things are, to work against injustice, to be a light in the midst of the darkness around us.

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Bringing Christ to Others in the World

Monsignor Michael Billian: We’re asked not to judge others, but to love them.

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Year of Mercy: Comfort the Sorrowful

Father Philip Smith: Our job is to just be there with people as a sign of hope, as a glimpse of the light that God can bring in those moments.

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Homily April 3, 2016

Corpus Christi: Building a Heavenly Banquet

Monsignor Michael Billian: We need to learn to receive the gifts that God has given to us and realize and recognize that they are God’s gifts which he gives to us to use.

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Homily April 3, 2016

Ascension: Being People of Action

Monsignor Michael Billian: Christians have to be people of action. We’re given the Spirit to use the power of God to bring others to Christ.

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Palm Sunday: Being a Pilgrim, not a Tourist

Monsignor Michael Billian: Pilgrims don’t stand on the outside and watch what’s going on. Pilgrims get involved in what’s going on. Pilgrims engage the people that they are walking through life with.

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Truly Transforming our Lives this Lent

Monsignor Michael Billian: Even when you and I, like the son in the story, wander off, the Lord keeps his eye on us, waiting for us again to exercise our free will and to come back to him.

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Counting our Blessings from God

Father Philip Smith: One very simple practical lesson we can learn from this journey is the importance of gratitude. The importance of not taking for granted the blessings God has given to us.

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Gaining Perspective during Lent

Monsignor Michael Billian: We do this hard work during Lent so that we may encounter more fully the resurrected Jesus.

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