Sermons on “Forgiveness”


Holy Family: Taking a step closer to Jesus

Deacon Justin Moor: This is as good of time as any to see where our spiritual lives are at. And wherever our spiritual lives are at, to resolve to take one step closer to Jesus in this new year.

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Ascension: Lift up your Hearts

Father Jeremy Miller: As a metaphor, the Ascension is a wonderful way to see our mission as Christians – that we are called to be lifted up by God and therefore to rise above the things that trouble us and to bring others up with us.

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Finding and Accepting God’s Mercy

Monsignor Michael Billian: To accept mercy requires trust, which is why it’s so hard to forgive by human powers.

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Seeking God’s Forgiveness and Grace

Deacon Justin Moor: Will we be like this unforgiving servant or are we instead going to use the forgiveness and grace God has given us to share it with others?

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Easter Sunday: Celebrating Life

Monsignor Michael Billian: Today, Christians around the world celebrate that life has meaning. We celebrate that life is redeemed.

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Forgiving Ourselves

Father Philip Smith: The question is not whether God’s going to forgive us. The question is whether we’re willing to forgive ourselves.

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