Sermons on “Service”


Living Abundantly

Father Philip Smith: The abundant living that Jesus is inviting us to today is a life in which we sometimes let go of our plans because they were indeed too easy and embrace God’s plans and the tasks that God has entrusted to us to complete in the world today, even when we don’t feel strong enough to complete them.

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Holy Thursday: Eating at the Big Table

Monsignor Michael Billian: The Lord invites all of us to come to the Big Table, to listen to the stories that belong to our faith family, to share in the one bread and the one cup, to enjoy the strength that we receive by being together around the Big Table.

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Palm Sunday: Making Time for Jesus

Father Philip Smith: The great thing that will happen if we make time for Jesus this week, and really every day, is that we will see what Jesus has done for us.

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Transforming Failure into Positive Change

Father Philip Smith: When we fail, we can step back and we can put our lives in perspective and look at what really might need to change and what we can do differently.

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Praying for Vocations

Monsignor Michael Billian reflects on his own call to the priesthood.

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A Lesson in Cooperation

Monsignor Michael Billian: The Lord invites you and me to say “Yes” to him, to join in that chorus of, “I will cooperate with the Lord.”

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Advent: Changing our Settings

Monsignor Michael Billian: Advent is an opportunity to change our personal settings in life.

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Don’t Snooze Through Advent

Father Philip Smith: Advent is a time to stop hitting the snooze button on the changes we need to make to allow God to help us to become better people in a closer community together.

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Lessons and Opportunities from the Year of Mercy

Monsignor Michael Billian: The gift of this year has been a springboard to a way of life, where we proclaim with all our being that God loves us and wraps us in his mercy so that we can share that precious gift with the world.

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All Saints Day: Aiming for Goodness One Day at a Time

Father Philip Smith: Take every day as an opportunity as a gift from God to give another shot, to give another try, of becoming a good person.

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