Sermons on “Trust”


A Lesson in Cooperation

Monsignor Michael Billian: The Lord invites you and me to say “Yes” to him, to join in that chorus of, “I will cooperate with the Lord.”

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Facing Life’s Unanswered Questions

Father Philip Smith: It’s okay if we don’t always know the perfect direction our life is going, or the perfect direction our life should take in the future.

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Not Letting Expectations Get in the Way

Father Philip Smith: The way God heals us might not be the way we expect, it may not be the timeline we expect, but God’s power can work in miraculous way in our lives.

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Trusting in God through Faith

Monsignor Michael Billian: The answers to the fundamental questions of life can only be found in faith. If we’re honest, we’ll recognize that this is hard to handle.

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