Parish Councils

Our community life and parish functioning is greatly aided by 2 councils here at CCUP: Pastoral Council and Finance Council.

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council of Corpus Christi University Parish is an advisory and recommending body for the pastoral leadership of our parish. The Council assists in fostering the vision, mission and pastoral activity of the parish through counsel, support and providing recommendations regarding planning to the Pastor. The Council is composed of one ex officio member:  the Pastor, who presides over the Council, and up to thirteen (13) members of the parish selected accordingly, each having voice and vote. New members are nominated by the Council and appointed by the Pastor.  Council will be comprised of members of the student body, faculty/staff, and permanent community.

Our current council members can be found here.

Finance Council

Finance Council is another consultative body that assists the pastor in matters related to the parish’s finances.  Areas discussed include yearly budgets, income, allocation of assets, investments, the administration of parish property and goods, and buildings and grounds.  Parishioners are appointed to this committee and typically have experience to offer in the fields of finance, administration, business and law.

Our current council members can be found here.