Corpus Christi University Parish is the product of a long history of the Catholic presence at the University of Toledo dating back to 1932, when Bishop Karl Alter appointed Fr. Ignatius Kelly as chaplain to the Catholic students attending UT.

In 1970, Bishop John Donovan decided to establish a personal, non-territorial parish to serve the Catholic community at UT. He appointed Fr. Robert Kirtland as pastor and the parish voted to name itself Corpus Christi in 1976.

A building project, thwarted for years by land acquisition problems, became a reality in 1998 when the current Corpus Christi facility across from the south entrance to the UT Main Campus was completed.

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Our library is a great resource for all parishioners and students! Come see the extensive collection of books regarding theology and spirituality along with an archive of all past talks from the CCUP Lecture Series.

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Our Mission: To be a sign and instrument of the presence of Christ at the University of Toledo.

With reliance on God and guidance from the Catholic tradition, we strive to form a community of faith which promotes the spiritual, intellectual and moral development of all its members, so that together we can work for justice and peace and offer effective leadership in church and society.