An Evening with Toledo Brass


The Toledo Symphony Brass will visit Corpus Christi University Parish on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 8 p.m. to perform  “An Evening with Toledo Brass.”


Major Fundraiser of the Year

Hosting this annual event is our major fundraising event of the year and is an essential part of our operating budget.  We are so appreciative of all your support of our parish and this event allows us to continue supporting our various ministries for students and permanent community members.



You can sponsor the event or purchase tickets: 1) by returning the form you received in the mail, 2) after Mass the next four weekends (cash & check only), 3) by visiting our website at


Changes This Year

All registered parishioners should have received a letter in the mail from me with a ticket form and a little insert about some changes to this event from past years.  I wanted to use this letter to explain a little more behind the rationale for these changes:


  • Smaller brass ensemble instead of the full symphony – one of the difficult logistical aspects of the symphony for our staff over the years has been the rearrangement of the whole church for this one-night event. In addition, the whole music section has been disconnected and moved to accommodate the placement of the symphony.  Especially as we move toward a new sound system with funds from the Living Christ campaign, it would be better if we didn’t need to disrupt the music section each year for this event.
    • Immersive musical experience – The benefit of a smaller ensemble is the ability to have an immersive, 360-degree experience of the music. Seating will be all around the brass ensemble just like our normal worship orientation.  I am hopeful this will create a more intimate and unique musical experience.
  • Limited assigned seating – since there will be considerably more seating given the smaller symphony footprint, we will no longer have assigned seating for patron and general admission tickets. This will help us reduce administrative work during our pre-sale tickets and avoid seating complications the night of the concert.  Sponsors above the patron level will still have reserved sections in the first couple rows, but the rest will be open seating.  This will allow you to choose your preferred seating the night of the concert.

I realize that these changes will make for a different experience, but I am confident that it will still be a great night of food, fellowship, and fantastic music.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Thanks for your support!

Fr. Jeremy

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