From the Pastor: Roll Away the Stone

you may have been following the strange news story in the past few weeks of the massive cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal. A ship the length of four football fields had become wedged in the canal, obstructing an essential trade route for a number of days until it was dislodged.

I couldn’t help but relate this to the stone blocking Jesus’ tomb.

In the Easter story, the stone being rolled away from the tomb was the first sign that something had changed. It meant that the risen Christ had broken down the barrier that separated us.

Think of all the things that we put in the way of our relationship with Christ: our sins, our excessive attachments, and our false idols. By the grace of his passion and resurrection, may we allow Jesus to roll away the stones of our hearts, freeing us for union with him and love of our neighbor.

Happy Easter,
Fr. Jeremy

Categories: Corpus Christi, Holy Week, reflection