Habitat for Humanity

Each year, a group of about twenty-one students travels south to help build houses for lower income families through Collegiate Habitat for Humanity. We are in need of help to cover student expenses and to keep trip costs low and affordable. All the students attending the trip, excluding our three student leaders, pay $250 directly to Habitat for Humanity. We rely on donations to cover the other expenses, such as the van rentals, food, and gas so that these costs are not transferred to students.

Any donation for this worthy endeavor is greatly appreciated. Here is a breakdown of the estimated costs of the trip:
$ 750 to cover 3 student leaders’ Habitat fees
$ 170.00 per person for van rentals
$ 85.00 per person for gas
$ 82.00 per person for food
The estimated total cost (without the additional $750) is about $337.00 per person. If we add in the student leader fee, we really need to raise about $350.00 per person.

Thank you very much for your continued support which impacts our students, our nation, and future generations.