Sermons on “Holiness”


The Four C’s of the Eucharist.

Homily from the Feast of Corpus Christi, the weekend of June 11, 2023

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The Rollercoaster of Holy Week

Homily from Palm Sunday, the weekend of April 2, 2023.

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Late for Lent?

Homily from the weekend of March 26, 2023.

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Our Spiritual Blind Spots

Homily from the weekend of March 19, 2023.

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The Three Temptations

Homily from the weekend of February 26, 2023

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The Doughnut

Deacon Justin Moor: This doughnut was originally created to be holey and each of us were created to be holy.

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No Place like Home

Father Jeremy Miller: I feel like most of us during this quarantine, we have a love-hate relationship with our homes.

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The temptation to bypass Good Friday

Father Jeremy Miller: Let’s rest on this day, let’s not sprint to Easter Sunday. Maybe that’s a little easier this year because of what we’re all going through.

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Great Things have Small Beginnings

Father Jeremy Miller: We know anything worth doing often has really small beginnings and only then blossoms later after hard work and dedication. It’s true with our spiritual life, too.

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