Sermons on “Redemption”


Our Temporary Home

Homily from the weekend of May 7, 2023

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Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist

Homily from the weekend of April 23, 2023

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The Four Cups

Homily from Holy Thursday, 2023

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A Story with a Great Ending

Homily from the weekend of November 13, 2022

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The Narrow Gate

Homily from Sunday, August 21, 2022

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The Parable of the Lost

Father Jeremy Miller: Let’s seek wherever we find ourselves and see ourselves in the parable, that we will run toward the embrace of our heavenly Father.

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Assumption of Mary: The Nature of Death

Father Jeremy Miller: Without sin, we would simply see death as the next step on a journey of surrendering, the transition to giving oneself totally to something bigger.

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Easter Sunday: Rolling away that Stone

Father Jeremy Miller: Jesus desires to do the heavy lifting when it comes to rolling away the stones of our hearts.

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Good Friday: Mourning into Dancing

Father Jeremy Miller: God is an expert at converting the cause of our downfall into the means of our elevation.

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Bringing people into the fold

Father Jeremy Miller: Our call as Christian people is to always bring people that are on the outside into the fold. The leper was really ostracized.

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